My Third Angel Experience

My Third Angel Experience

Once again, around real estate I experienced my third angel experience.  Driving home, quite late from a listing appointment on my way home I saw people-sized being with huge white wings on the front right hood of my black car.  As I have experienced before, it was as though the words were spoken non-audible. Yet totally CLEAR in delivery – “you are going to lose your front right wheel”. And once again the force of supernatural centrifuge power… the being disappeared. Ah ha !

I laughed to myself and as soon as I bolted through through the door I woke my husband up from a sound sleep to tell him what happened. He was NOT enthralled at all, and simply said: “take the car to the dealer tomorrow”.  He went right back to sleep.

So the following day I took the vehicle to the dealer.  The car had one of those 100K warranties at the time, so no big deal.  The service representative came out about two hours later and said, “well everything is fine and we have to keep the car here.”

Ok, great, why I questioned.

Because you are going to lose your front right wheel, we have to order the part as it is unavailable at this time.

The warranty had a rental car provision, so they set me up in a loaner (good for five days) and I went on my merry way.

Day five, and no news from the car dealership.  I decided to call the service department and check the status.  Service told me the part was not available and that the loaner car would be in a grace period.  After I hung up the phone I remembered there was a Mazda corporate location off the Garden State Parkway around Clifton, NJ.  I decided to call them, for whatever reason, I do not know.  I actually had obtained the part number from the service department and had it handy.  They kept transferring my call as they did not know what to do with me.  I hear someone say, “quality control” on the next transfer, so I tell my story about this part.  The gentleman says, Its a mystery you got through, we do not deal with the general public at this location.  He asked me if I had the part number and I give him the part number.  Let me check for you.  He comes backs to the phone (this is Friday, mind you.) and tells me this part is not available, not anywhere in the continental United States.  The part is only available in Japan.  I pressed him a bit further as to why.  He said, this part hardly ever fails.  I was dumbfounded in that moment.  I thanked him profusely for all his assistance and hung up the phone.  Wow !

Miraculously, the very next day Saturday, the service department calls me and tells me that now have the part !  Now I am goosebumps all over.  Wow !

When the car was ready and I went to pick it up and deliver the loaner car, I shared my story with the Service Manager, a woman.  She confirmed with me, as fas as she was concerned it must have been an angel.  Whether she was agreeing with me or she actually believed, made no difference to me at that point.  I knew what I knew and I saw what I saw and I heard what I heard.  Now I tell everyone who will listen my angel experiences.