My Second Angel Experience

My Second Angel Experience

I was a full time realtor for ten years and during that span of earthly experience had my second and third  angel experiences.  Not quite sure if real estate had anything to do with it, although one of the houses I sold I believe had a resident spirit.

Our local realtors would have “Broker Open House” regularly once a week, and realtor office groups would “caravan” to view all the inventory.  Along with usually being fed along the  way at each of the open houses.  Mind you this was strictly for realtors only.

A few days prior we had a bit of a snowfall and many of the driveways were still emerging with patches of ice and snow scattered after plowing and shoveling.  One of the houses we visited was primarily a “summer home” although it appeared to be  a “year round” home it was sparsely decorated and furnished like a “summer home”.  The home was situated up upon a knoll and the driveway had a significant incline.  One of the gals attempted to drive her car to the top of the drive and unfortunately got stuck.  She could not move forward, nor backward.  Realtors were coming and going, even men realtors and  not anyone willing to come to her aid.  I knew the realtor, as she was from my office and I could see the frantic stress and strain in her face.  I went into the house, checked the garage and the basement for a shovel of any type to help.  The best I could come up with was a large pot cover to act as a shovel.  Yes, very “creative” to say the least.

By the time I got back outside I saw a red jeep pull up at the bottom of the driveway.  The people milling in and out were totally oblivious to everything that was transpiring.  A gentleman approximately six feet or taller in perfect physical shape walked up the drive…he wore a white thermal type shirt, no jacket, red suspenders, blue jeans, black boots with a shock of dazzling snowy white hair, creamy complected skin with high blue eyes.  He looked like a Santa Claus on R&R…like no kidding!  He was carrying a shovel albeit.  He went to town digging out the car and was totally silent.  I stood  nearby making all attempts to engage him in conversation to no avail.  It was as though I was invisible.  When the car was free and could back down the driveway, he walked back to his red jeep.  I had moved closer to the jeep before he got to it and the jeep was absolutely pristine, as though it just came our of the car showroom ! I noticed a ladder in the jeep along with a big bag of sand…all totally pristine.  I could not believe my eyes, most astonishing. I turned my head back to the driveway, the realtor and the car, when I turned back to the winding road exiting where the house was located, the stranger in the red jeep had vanished, as though into thin air !!!

Needless to say, I was spellbound by the whole experience.  What was most amazing is nobody else seemed to notice or care for that matter.  It was as though I was the only one privy to what had just transpired.  The realtor in the car was delighted to have her car freed from the ice and snow in the driveway and said nothing about anything.

Once again, I kept it all to myself as they would never believe me.