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Life Coach Diamonds Blog

For those that know me more intimately, you know I AM spiritual. Having been many denominations of organized religion or belief systems since a small child.

I AM committed to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2018. (The Way of Saint James – Field of Stars).  It is interesting that it is called Saint James. In fact that makes it special.

Having heard of the Camino walk originally several years ago, from Sonia Choquette, a divinely gifted intuitive, it immediately resonated with me.

In past years many of us attended a monthly women’s dinner group at the Hamilton Grill, Lambertville, N.J. 

One of the speakers shared the Camino de Santiago and once again aroused my interest and desire to walk the Camino.

This year I am investigating some serious past life work as my own spirituality intensifies.  My experience is crying myself to sleep and also waking up crying…for no apparent reason. 

I have felt the experience of having been sequestered, perhaps in a sacred community of holy magnitude.  So none of this is a surprise to me.

Having purchased this CD many years ago, I listened to it a couple of times and packed it away.  Within this past year, I searched diligently for the CD.  Presently it is always in my BOSE CD player and it starts playing automatically, at no particularly calling of my own. Sometimes it starts playing at the most significant time, quite utterly on its own.

I allow it.