“This book is dedicated to my new wonderful friend and life coach June Kellogg. She is a beautiful sparkling diamond sent by the Universe just when I needed her.” – Dedication from author “How to Write a BOOK and Tell Your Story” – Barbara Miller

“I thank my friends Neena George, Rajesh Sreedharan and June Kellogg for checking in on me, encouraging me and believing in me along the way.” “11 Steps to Goal-Getting Using the Principles of Hypnosis, NLP, & Huna” – Keya Murthy

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“Here are a few examples of where June was very beneficial in my life: mortgages, appraisers, real estate, contractors, financial advisers, spirituality, animal healers, wellness and nutrition, and personal growth, the list is endless.
She is my “go to” person, her ability to connect me to anyone or anything I need is impressive. I have never, and I do mean never, been dissatisfied with any of her resources.
The woman is a wealth of knowledge. She never ceases to amaze me on any subject. June’s intuitive ability comes into play naturally. Her ability to connect with people is extraordinary. She has a very special way of being, it is mind blowing.
Over the past 3 years, I suffered great loss in my life, I needed help desperately. I turned to June to coach me through these difficult times.
When taking on a coach to get you through any type of trauma or just everyday life as it happens, we don’t usually recognize the difficult job of an outstanding coach. Many times we think that we have things under control, or that we had dealt with that problem, it’s no longer a problem, but it really is.
It takes a very skilled individual to know how provide the coaching to get you to be honest with yourself.
She is well worth the financial investment.
Make the investment in you.
June has the ability to unlock and open your life to a healthier and happier you.”~ M.W. 2016-2017


“June is an extremely pleasant person to connect with. I feel very proud to have met her and be connected to her. She has the depth and knowledge of wide variety of information and experiences. Thus, her ability to quickly gauge and provide the right coaching at the time I need has always been very helpful. Talking to her always have always left me with a new perspective to look at the problems. Her focus is on moving forward with clarity and a positive attitude is very empowering.” A. K. 2017