About June

About June

The “gift” of life coaching and intuitive foundation, for which my heart is truly grateful, provides the opportunity for healing of heart, spirit, soul.

Labels do not appeal to me.

The intuitive empath that experiences “connection” at a very early age, struggles in adolescence and throughout life to be accepted and understood.

When one declares oneself as “walking synchronicity” that is the breakthrough moment of utter freedom to BE.

Issues around belief and trust have always been deeply entwined in my heritage,

my spirituality and of course my home environment growing up. Being emotionally

stifled and always working on myself, to fix or repair me, was quite a daunting task

for a child.

Coming out of the womb thinking…

” I need a therapist !” gratefully one can laugh about it now and going through it…was pure torture.  

From a very tender age the pursuit of “religious truth” caused for insatiable quest in spirituality as far back as I can remember.

After decades of spiritual exploration finding the truth is what is your truth, is a beautiful and harmonious place to BE.

My purpose is to heal, mentor, love, and gracious share serving beings open to explore, heal, and grow exponentially for your healing and highest good.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s talk and perhaps we may find a connection to work together.  

Kind regards with Love,

June Kellogg

Talk Healer